New Car Values

Recently, one of our Eppy’s staff bought their first car. It is filled with the newest gadgets and safety features that did not exist just a few years ago. Lane change departure warnings, adaptive speed control, Bluetooth link for music and navigation, automatic steering compensation, automatic brake deployment and backup cameras, just to mention a few. You may say “wow” this car must have been really expensive, but not at all. Most cars delivered today by most manufacturers have some if not all of these features. Standard in almost all cars today are power windows, door locks, ABS brakes, multiple air bags along with other safety and comfort features. All of these were “costly options” or upgrades just a few years ago.

It is all about our safety and the quality of our driving. With all the distractions that exist today, there are more problems other than drunk drivers, old drivers and careless drivers. Now we have cell phones, text messaging, video players, personal game players, digital roadside signs that change every few seconds. All of these distractions have led to too many accidents both minor and severe on our roads. As a precaution all drivers should take a defensive driving course.

How does this affect us as the workers who repair these vehicles? Most of these new systems are computer controlled by sensors. After any incident, these sensors need to be repaired, reset, and tested before the vehicle can be returned to the customer. Neglecting to follow all of the steps necessary can leave you or your shop wide open litigation since you repaired this vehicle. It’s necessary to use the latest technology to properly replace and reprogram all of these sensors. First, proper tools are needed to repair and replace the sensor. Afterwards, look into a proper scan tool and reprogramming tool to “teach” the sensor and set it to factory specs. Eppy’s stocks many of these tools in OTC, Autel, Launch, Bosch, Cando, Nexiq and more!  This can be a great revenue stream for your business. Many body shops will do the repair on the vehicle, but not many can reprogram.  Call 718-434-7878 for more info.