November 5, 2020

NEW Channellock 7.5″ Forged Wire Stripper


April 5, 2018

Lisle Corporation – Since 1903

Lisle Corporation

I have recently returned from a trip to Iowa, the home of Lisle Corporation.  Established in the small town of Clarinda with a population of 5,000 people.  Travelling by car, it is 115 miles from Kansas City, Missouri or 90 miles from Omaha, Nebraska.  Missouri and Nebraska are also the two closest airports to Clarinda, Iowa.

The reason for my trip was to honor a member of the family, Fredrick Lisle, who passed on way too young.  As part of the fourth generation in the Lisle family, he devoted his entire career of nearly 36 years to fostering the continued growth of Lisle Corporation, which was founded in 1903.  Fred has been the president of Lisle Corp. for the past nine years.  He volunteered his time and expertise as an elected Trustee of Iowa Western Community College and put in extraordinary effort helping to build and promote the Iowa Western Center for Excellence in Manufacturing Program at the Clarinda campus.  He was a former board member of the Automotive Sales Council and remained involved in the group as a long time member.  It is hard to believe that he is gone.  He was one great man, who besides keeping his family business and legacy alive, was a great husband, father, grandfather, uncle, friend, community leader and any other superlative you can add on.

Did you ever know that Lisle is a family name?  Throughout the years, most mechanics carry Lisle tools in their tool box or shop.  I personally have known Fred for over 20 years and considered him a friend and business associate.  The overwhelming outpouring of people from the town and business affiliates from near and far, paid testament to the great leader and person Fred was.  The service was a celebration of his life and was one of the most moving services I have ever attended.  The Church overflowed with family and friends to honor this great human being.  My sincerest condolences to his family on the passing of such a great man.  He will be truly missed.

Sandor Epstein – President of Eppy’s Tool & Equipment Warehouse Inc.

March 31, 2017

Cal550 Boost Portable Power Source w/ Jump Start

I went to Eppy’s because we live in the city and our car constantly needs to be recharged. I had seen the CAL550 Boost Portable Power Source with Jump Start in one of their weekly specials so I checked it out on their website. It looked too good to be true, so I went to Eppy’s to check it out in person and see if it was the real deal.

Well, it was more impressive in person.
The small compact size could fit in my diaper bag.

It’s only 1.9lbs! Amazing thing to discover as a new mom.

The staff at Eppy’s gave me a demonstration on how to use the power source and I was sold. I brought the new device home and was excited to show my husband my new discovery. He is a gadget guy and was always carrying around a power bank for his phone…
Well how cool to show him that now…

We can keep a power bank for our phones in the car and even better, charge the car battery with it.

Cars are not meant for city life. And now when our car sits and sits in its precious parking spot for days or weeks, we don’t have to worry.


And it will only take 2 extra minutes with this hassle and time saving gadget. Seriously, it’s so easy to use.

That’s me charging the car while my son sleeps 🙂

One device to do it all!

March 21, 2017

Professional Tool & Equipment News

Here is the latest Eppy’s article!
Professional Tool & Equipment News Magazine

Published, February 2017 (see page 36)

Eppy’s Tool & Equipment Warehouse Inc. services the professional market across the U.S. with a broad range of quality tools and equipment. We are a factory authorized distributor and represent over 70 manufacturers.  With over 33 years of experience, we offer excellent customer service, and competitive pricing. We stock, ship, and service our products. Check out our vast selection of shop equipment, air tools, diagnostic, hand tools, body tools, power tools, body repair, HD truck tools, specialty tools, and much more! Visit our showrooms in NY/NJ. Save more by joining our Mechanic’s Tool Club.

Eppy’s created the Mechanic’s Tool Club to offer our loyal customers additional savings and service. Currently we have over 20,000 members. As a member, you save up to 20% off all Sale Prices, receive exclusive coupons, sales, weekly specials, and the best customer service in the automotive industry.

Our customer base continues to grow among professional tool users, auto mechanic’s, shops, dealerships, transit authorities, airport facilities, government agencies, municipalities, Vo-Tech schools, car enthusiasts, etc. Join our Facebook page for giveaways and visit our YouTube channel for new products, demos, and DIY videos.



March 6, 2017

New Car Values

Recently, one of our Eppy’s staff bought their first car. It is filled with the newest gadgets and safety features that did not exist just a few years ago. Lane change departure warnings, adaptive speed control, Bluetooth link for music and navigation, automatic steering compensation, automatic brake deployment and backup cameras, just to mention a few. You may say “wow” this car must have been really expensive, but not at all. Most cars delivered today by most manufacturers have some if not all of these features. Standard in almost all cars today are power windows, door locks, ABS brakes, multiple air bags along with other safety and comfort features. All of these were “costly options” or upgrades just a few years ago.

It is all about our safety and the quality of our driving. With all the distractions that exist today, there are more problems other than drunk drivers, old drivers and careless drivers. Now we have cell phones, text messaging, video players, personal game players, digital roadside signs that change every few seconds. All of these distractions have led to too many accidents both minor and severe on our roads. As a precaution all drivers should take a defensive driving course.

How does this affect us as the workers who repair these vehicles? Most of these new systems are computer controlled by sensors. After any incident, these sensors need to be repaired, reset, and tested before the vehicle can be returned to the customer. Neglecting to follow all of the steps necessary can leave you or your shop wide open litigation since you repaired this vehicle. It’s necessary to use the latest technology to properly replace and reprogram all of these sensors. First, proper tools are needed to repair and replace the sensor. Afterwards, look into a proper scan tool and reprogramming tool to “teach” the sensor and set it to factory specs. Eppy’s stocks many of these tools in OTC, Autel, Launch, Bosch, Cando, Nexiq and more!  This can be a great revenue stream for your business. Many body shops will do the repair on the vehicle, but not many can reprogram.  Call 718-434-7878 for more info.

November 1, 2016


When is the largest and most anticipated U.S. Automotive Show?

The answer is November 1, 2, 3, and 4 in LAS VEGAS, NEVADA at the AAPEX and SEMA show.

If you have a few days to spend here the experience is unbelievable. You will be overwhelmed by the incredible show exhibits.

Eppy’s staff travels to the show every year to meet our current vendors such as SK Hand Tool, Lincoln, Ez Red, Lisle, Omega, Hein-Werner, Save Phace, and many more. We also search for new and exciting products that are being introduced into the market and showcase them at our Eppy’s NY and NJ store. This year there are new tools being offered by the manufacturers mentioned above along with CTA, Lang Tools, Titan, and Mayhew Tools, just to mention a few.

Believe it or not next week the entire automotive industry travels to Las Vegas for its annual trade show. This is not some small local trade show or the Auto Car Show at the Javits Center in New York. This is an industry wide show that takes up more convention space and meeting rooms than any other convention or show launched in Las Vegas. It is a combination of two unique auto shows.

Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) is the premier global event representing the $356 billion global aftermarket auto care industry. AAPEX 2016 will feature over 2,200 automotive aftermarket manufacturers and suppliers showcasing innovative products, services, and technologies.

The second show in town is Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) and encompasses anything automotive related. The SEMA show has over 2,350 exhibitors and also features over 1,500 custom built vehicles on display. Here you can see it all! The latest and greatest the automotive aftermarket has to offer.

To view more AAPEX info, click here.

To view more SEMA info, click here.

For all car enthusiasts, if you can’t make it this year, it is a trip to plan for next year.

August 19, 2016

The Beast – The Presidential State Car

We’ve seen it in pictures and news clips, but what do we really know about The Beast? For those who aren’t aware, The Beast is the nickname for the Cadillac that drives around the President of the United States, and it is the ultimate in protection. Although certain aspects of The Beast are classified, there are several known features which would make even one of James Bond’s cars seem like a relic.

The windows are made of 5” thick bulletproof glass and 8” thick doors that weigh the same as a cabin door on a Boeing 757.

Run flat tires reinforced with Kevlar with steel rims.

100% sealed interior to protect passengers during a chemical attack.

Rocket-propelled grenades, night vision optics, a tear gas cannon, on-board oxygen tanks, an armored fuel tank filled with foam to prevent explosion, pump-action shotguns, and bottles of the president’s blood type.

State of the art communications center with satellite phone and GPS tracking technology.

Chassis reinforced with a steel plate to protect against bombs or grenade explosions from underneath the car.

Despite all of its technological advancements, the car still needs to be outfitted and serviced by mechanics. Whether its WELDING EQUIPMENT for the body and chassis, SPECIALTY TOOLS to work on the engine that gets a whopping estimated 8 mpg, or even some H.D. LIFTING EQUIPMENT to get this 8 ton beast off the ground, professional tools and equipment will be needed. So to service anything from a restoration project in the backyard to the personal vehicle of the President Of The United States, make sure you use quality automotive tools and equipment.

July 29, 2016

What is the value of a brand name?

Does the brand name of a tool or equipment matter when you are making a purchase?

What are the differences between brands?

Is it a quality tool we want, or a tool we need?

Manufacturers work hard to inspire tool users and enthusiasts to ask for their brand by name.  Is the Ingersoll Rand impact wrench we sell, better in quality, and overall performance than the two other brands we sell?  IR spends a great deal of time and money on research and development of new and improved products based on the needs of the customer.  This in turn, ratchets up the costs of a product, but also produces a quality professional tool.

The other companies might be slightly behind in the technology, but some, not all, also make a quality professional product.  If there is a patent involved, than no other manufacturer can copy the technology until the patent expires.  This is the reason why we see so many similar tools with different names and part numbers.  It typically means that the patent has expired and all manufacturers can offer the same technology.  However, it does not mean that they are all created equal.  Based on the manufacturing processes, materials used and quality control, we can get a professional tool or a poorly made copy that may not work properly from the start.  The same holds true for wrenches, sockets, specialty tools, lifting equipment, and every other category that Eppy’s carries.  Once the patent expires on a “flank drive” every manufacturer can create their version and rename it.

Does country of origin matter when purchasing tools and equipment?  There are quality manufacturing companies located all over the world now.  That is what matters.  Reliable companies only deal with manufacturing facilities that produce quality products, treat their employees fairly, and back their tools with a warranty.  SK Hand Tool features “Sure Grip” and it performs the same function on their wrenches and sockets and is entirely made in the U.S.A. with a lifetime warranty.

At Eppy’s we pride ourselves in offering a broad range of quality tools and equipment.  The manufacturers we represent are all reputable, highly respected leaders in their industry.  We know they stand behind their products for any defects in materials or workmanship.  The tools they manufacturer and we sell, will perform to the specifications and expectations it is intended to.  We can trust our suppliers and you can trust us. Checkout some of our 75 plus valued partners in the business; Gearwrench, Channellock, Irwin, ShinnFu, SK Hand Tool, Lincoln Lubrication, Lisle, CTA Tools, OTC, Bendpak, Clore, Associated, Ingersoll Rand, and many more!  See our BRANDS tab for a full listing.  If you need a tool that you may not find on the website, give customer service a call at 718-434-7878 during our normal business hours.  Eppy’s features over 3,500 products online, stocks over 8,000 products at our warehouse, and we have the availability to supply our customers with every item from every manufacturer we represent.  In total we offer 100,000 part numbers in tools and equipment available to our Mechanic’s Tool Club members and guests.  Have a question or inquiry?  Feel free to call or email us at

July 6, 2016

New Eppy’s Catalog!

Well, it’s finally here; the latest edition of the Eppy’s Tool & Equipment catalog! We’ve come a long way from our humble roots, since we began our catalog production by hand over 30 years ago. Eppy’s catalogs were first created by physically cutting and pasting (no keyboard shortcuts then) pictures and text to fit on blank pages. Our vintage catalogs featured line drawings of items, as well as some unique hand drawn black and white artwork covers.

Like the rest of our business, the Eppy’s catalog has evolved over time. They became bigger and better, the line drawings became hi-res images, the entire catalog was modified to print in full color, and our product selection continues to grow and improve. As we say with each new catalog, “This is the best one yet!”

The latest Eppy’s catalog edition has been expanded to 124 pages of tools and equipment! Featuring all of your favorites (lifting/hydraulic equipment, diagnostic, hand tools, etc.), along with some new additions! Check out our completely updated battery section with all new information and descriptions. We are now featuring Quick-Jack Lifting Equipment, Insulated Tools from ITL, Air Tools from SP Air, H.D. Truck Tools from Tiger Tool and many more!

Tool club members will receive their new catalog in the mail within the next week or two. Want to get your hands on one sooner? CLICK HERE to download a digital copy or flip through our full screen html version!  

New to Eppy’s or not a member yet?  Join the Mechanic’s Tool Club and you’ll automatically be added to our mailing list, plus you’ll save up to 22% off your next purchase.

June 29, 2016

Today’s Automotive Repair/Tool & Equipment Resources

Whether you are a mechanic or a car enthusiast, there is a lot you can learn from your fellow mechanics, automotive repair professionals, and car lovers.  Many experts have taken their work and automotive interests to the internet world, by sharing a wealth of expertise, experience, and stories with informative blogs and interactive videos.  They touch base on many mechanic and automotive topics; ranging from repair tips, advice, and unique approaches for car maintenance.

Check out our Eppy’s YouTube channel with over 100 product videos of tools and equipment items we sell!  We feature new and popular products.  Learn more by watching YouTube’s vast selection of “HOW TO” videos on certain repair projects and find shortcuts on how to get the job done faster.  It is a great way to visually test drive a new tool before buying it.  Also, check out our BRANDS selection to view featured items!

Of course, you can always go back and read the Mitchell manuals and other printed publications, but nowadays we find publications and information are much faster to find online.  Some companies have subscriptions based services that provide you with all the data you need to know and an easy way to access it.  It is costly, but if you are into high end repairs you may find it’s worth the price.

Take time to read up on the endless amount of information available at our finger tips!  The internet is a wealth of information, but it is always SUPER IMPORTANT to ensure it is from a reputable source.

Happy Learning!