Cal550 Boost Portable Power Source w/ Jump Start

I went to Eppy’s because we live in the city and our car constantly needs to be recharged. I had seen the CAL550 Boost Portable Power Source with Jump Start in one of their weekly specials so I checked it out on their website. It looked too good to be true, so I went to Eppy’s to check it out in person and see if it was the real deal.

Well, it was more impressive in person.
The small compact size could fit in my diaper bag.

It’s only 1.9lbs! Amazing thing to discover as a new mom.

The staff at Eppy’s gave me a demonstration on how to use the power source and I was sold. I brought the new device home and was excited to show my husband my new discovery. He is a gadget guy and was always carrying around a power bank for his phone…
Well how cool to show him that now…

We can keep a power bank for our phones in the car and even better, charge the car battery with it.

Cars are not meant for city life. And now when our car sits and sits in its precious parking spot for days or weeks, we don’t have to worry.


And it will only take 2 extra minutes with this hassle and time saving gadget. Seriously, it’s so easy to use.

That’s me charging the car while my son sleeps 🙂

One device to do it all!