Today’s Automotive Repair/Tool & Equipment Resources

Whether you are a mechanic or a car enthusiast, there is a lot you can learn from your fellow mechanics, automotive repair professionals, and car lovers.  Many experts have taken their work and automotive interests to the internet world, by sharing a wealth of expertise, experience, and stories with informative blogs and interactive videos.  They touch base on many mechanic and automotive topics; ranging from repair tips, advice, and unique approaches for car maintenance.

Check out our Eppy’s YouTube channel with over 100 product videos of tools and equipment items we sell!  We feature new and popular products.  Learn more by watching YouTube’s vast selection of “HOW TO” videos on certain repair projects and find shortcuts on how to get the job done faster.  It is a great way to visually test drive a new tool before buying it.  Also, check out our BRANDS selection to view featured items!

Of course, you can always go back and read the Mitchell manuals and other printed publications, but nowadays we find publications and information are much faster to find online.  Some companies have subscriptions based services that provide you with all the data you need to know and an easy way to access it.  It is costly, but if you are into high end repairs you may find it’s worth the price.

Take time to read up on the endless amount of information available at our finger tips!  The internet is a wealth of information, but it is always SUPER IMPORTANT to ensure it is from a reputable source.

Happy Learning!