What is the value of a brand name?

Does the brand name of a tool or equipment matter when you are making a purchase?

What are the differences between brands?

Is it a quality tool we want, or a tool we need?

Manufacturers work hard to inspire tool users and enthusiasts to ask for their brand by name.  Is the Ingersoll Rand impact wrench we sell, better in quality, and overall performance than the two other brands we sell?  IR spends a great deal of time and money on research and development of new and improved products based on the needs of the customer.  This in turn, ratchets up the costs of a product, but also produces a quality professional tool.

The other companies might be slightly behind in the technology, but some, not all, also make a quality professional product.  If there is a patent involved, than no other manufacturer can copy the technology until the patent expires.  This is the reason why we see so many similar tools with different names and part numbers.  It typically means that the patent has expired and all manufacturers can offer the same technology.  However, it does not mean that they are all created equal.  Based on the manufacturing processes, materials used and quality control, we can get a professional tool or a poorly made copy that may not work properly from the start.  The same holds true for wrenches, sockets, specialty tools, lifting equipment, and every other category that Eppy’s carries.  Once the patent expires on a “flank drive” every manufacturer can create their version and rename it.

Does country of origin matter when purchasing tools and equipment?  There are quality manufacturing companies located all over the world now.  That is what matters.  Reliable companies only deal with manufacturing facilities that produce quality products, treat their employees fairly, and back their tools with a warranty.  SK Hand Tool features “Sure Grip” and it performs the same function on their wrenches and sockets and is entirely made in the U.S.A. with a lifetime warranty.

At Eppy’s we pride ourselves in offering a broad range of quality tools and equipment.  The manufacturers we represent are all reputable, highly respected leaders in their industry.  We know they stand behind their products for any defects in materials or workmanship.  The tools they manufacturer and we sell, will perform to the specifications and expectations it is intended to.  We can trust our suppliers and you can trust us. Checkout some of our 75 plus valued partners in the business; Gearwrench, Channellock, Irwin, ShinnFu, SK Hand Tool, Lincoln Lubrication, Lisle, CTA Tools, OTC, Bendpak, Clore, Associated, Ingersoll Rand, and many more!  See our BRANDS tab for a full listing.  If you need a tool that you may not find on the website, give customer service a call at 718-434-7878 during our normal business hours.  Eppy’s features over 3,500 products online, stocks over 8,000 products at our warehouse, and we have the availability to supply our customers with every item from every manufacturer we represent.  In total we offer 100,000 part numbers in tools and equipment available to our Mechanic’s Tool Club members and guests.  Have a question or inquiry?  Feel free to call or email us at sales@eppys.com.