Memorial Day
Memorial Day
Memorial Day
April 5, 2018

Lisle Corporation – Since 1903

Lisle Corporation

I have recently returned from a trip to Iowa, the home of Lisle Corporation.  Established in the small town of Clarinda with a population of 5,000 people.  Travelling by car, it is 115 miles from Kansas City, Missouri or 90 miles from Omaha, Nebraska.  Missouri and Nebraska are also the two closest airports to Clarinda, Iowa.

The reason for my trip was to honor a member of the family, Fredrick Lisle, who passed on way too young.  As part of the fourth generation in the Lisle family, he devoted his entire career of nearly 36 years to fostering the continued growth of Lisle Corporation, which was founded in 1903.  Fred has been the president of Lisle Corp. for the past nine years.  He volunteered his time and expertise as an elected Trustee of Iowa Western Community College and put in extraordinary effort helping to build and promote the Iowa Western Center for Excellence in Manufacturing Program at the Clarinda campus.  He was a former board member of the Automotive Sales Council and remained involved in the group as a long time member.  It is hard to believe that he is gone.  He was one great man, who besides keeping his family business and legacy alive, was a great husband, father, grandfather, uncle, friend, community leader and any other superlative you can add on.

Did you ever know that Lisle is a family name?  Throughout the years, most mechanics carry Lisle tools in their tool box or shop.  I personally have known Fred for over 20 years and considered him a friend and business associate.  The overwhelming outpouring of people from the town and business affiliates from near and far, paid testament to the great leader and person Fred was.  The service was a celebration of his life and was one of the most moving services I have ever attended.  The Church overflowed with family and friends to honor this great human being.  My sincerest condolences to his family on the passing of such a great man.  He will be truly missed.

Sandor Epstein – President of Eppy’s Tool & Equipment Warehouse Inc.

March 18, 2018

2018 Northeast Automotive Services Show at the Meadowlands!

Location: Northeast Automotive Services Show
Meadowlands Exposition Center, Seaucus, NJ

March 16: 5pm – 10pm
March 17: 10am – 5pm
March 18: 10am – 3pm

Stop by the Eppy’s Booth # 234 for some great deals!

You can skip the lines and pre-register for FREE by clicking here.

Northeast is an event tailored specifically to fit the needs and wants of today’s professionals representing all walks of the automotive repair industry through products and information geared toward fostering optimal success in the market, whether you are already a seasoned professional or are just starting out.

April 22, 2017

2017 Carlisle Spring Collector Swap Meet, Corral & Auction


Carlisle Fair Grounds; Carlisle, PA


April 21, 2017: 7am – 6pm
April 22, 2017: 7am – 6pm

Adult Admission: $10 / Event Pass $30


IA5 & IA6 between Gate 2 & Gate 3 on infield

Carlisle was showcased in 2015 by a Fox News web article as one of the top five automotive swap meets in the world. Carlisle hosts to thousands of collector and classic automotive enthusiasts, who travel to the 150-acre Carlisle PA Fairgrounds from all points of the globe to buy, sell and celebrate all things automotive. This is a fun-filled weekend the entire family will enjoy. While exploring the grounds and 8,100 vending spaces, you will marvel at one of the largest automotive swap meets in the world.

March 31, 2017

Cal550 Boost Portable Power Source w/ Jump Start

I went to Eppy’s because we live in the city and our car constantly needs to be recharged. I had seen the CAL550 Boost Portable Power Source with Jump Start in one of their weekly specials so I checked it out on their website. It looked too good to be true, so I went to Eppy’s to check it out in person and see if it was the real deal.

Well, it was more impressive in person.
The small compact size could fit in my diaper bag.

It’s only 1.9lbs! Amazing thing to discover as a new mom.

The staff at Eppy’s gave me a demonstration on how to use the power source and I was sold. I brought the new device home and was excited to show my husband my new discovery. He is a gadget guy and was always carrying around a power bank for his phone…
Well how cool to show him that now…

We can keep a power bank for our phones in the car and even better, charge the car battery with it.

Cars are not meant for city life. And now when our car sits and sits in its precious parking spot for days or weeks, we don’t have to worry.


And it will only take 2 extra minutes with this hassle and time saving gadget. Seriously, it’s so easy to use.

That’s me charging the car while my son sleeps 🙂

One device to do it all!

March 21, 2017

Professional Tool & Equipment News

Here is the latest Eppy’s article!
Professional Tool & Equipment News Magazine

Published, February 2017 (see page 36)

Eppy’s Tool & Equipment Warehouse Inc. services the professional market across the U.S. with a broad range of quality tools and equipment. We are a factory authorized distributor and represent over 70 manufacturers.  With over 33 years of experience, we offer excellent customer service, and competitive pricing. We stock, ship, and service our products. Check out our vast selection of shop equipment, air tools, diagnostic, hand tools, body tools, power tools, body repair, HD truck tools, specialty tools, and much more! Visit our showrooms in NY/NJ. Save more by joining our Mechanic’s Tool Club.

Eppy’s created the Mechanic’s Tool Club to offer our loyal customers additional savings and service. Currently we have over 20,000 members. As a member, you save up to 20% off all Sale Prices, receive exclusive coupons, sales, weekly specials, and the best customer service in the automotive industry.

Our customer base continues to grow among professional tool users, auto mechanic’s, shops, dealerships, transit authorities, airport facilities, government agencies, municipalities, Vo-Tech schools, car enthusiasts, etc. Join our Facebook page for giveaways and visit our YouTube channel for new products, demos, and DIY videos.



March 19, 2017

2017 Northeast Automotive Services Show at the Meadowlands!

Location: Northeast Automotive Services Show
Meadowlands Exposition Center, Seaucus, NJ

March 17: 5pm – 10pm
March 18: 10am – 5pm
March 19: 10am – 3pm

Stop by the Eppy’s Booth # 234 for some great deals!

Mention This Ad For A Free Eppy’s Hat!   You can skip the lines and pre-register for free by clicking here.

Northeast is an event tailored specifically to fit the needs and wants of today’s professionals representing all walks of the automotive repair industry through products and information geared toward fostering optimal success in the market, whether you are already a seasoned professional or are just starting out.

March 6, 2017

New Car Values

Recently, one of our Eppy’s staff bought their first car. It is filled with the newest gadgets and safety features that did not exist just a few years ago. Lane change departure warnings, adaptive speed control, Bluetooth link for music and navigation, automatic steering compensation, automatic brake deployment and backup cameras, just to mention a few. You may say “wow” this car must have been really expensive, but not at all. Most cars delivered today by most manufacturers have some if not all of these features. Standard in almost all cars today are power windows, door locks, ABS brakes, multiple air bags along with other safety and comfort features. All of these were “costly options” or upgrades just a few years ago.

It is all about our safety and the quality of our driving. With all the distractions that exist today, there are more problems other than drunk drivers, old drivers and careless drivers. Now we have cell phones, text messaging, video players, personal game players, digital roadside signs that change every few seconds. All of these distractions have led to too many accidents both minor and severe on our roads. As a precaution all drivers should take a defensive driving course.

How does this affect us as the workers who repair these vehicles? Most of these new systems are computer controlled by sensors. After any incident, these sensors need to be repaired, reset, and tested before the vehicle can be returned to the customer. Neglecting to follow all of the steps necessary can leave you or your shop wide open litigation since you repaired this vehicle. It’s necessary to use the latest technology to properly replace and reprogram all of these sensors. First, proper tools are needed to repair and replace the sensor. Afterwards, look into a proper scan tool and reprogramming tool to “teach” the sensor and set it to factory specs. Eppy’s stocks many of these tools in OTC, Autel, Launch, Bosch, Cando, Nexiq and more!  This can be a great revenue stream for your business. Many body shops will do the repair on the vehicle, but not many can reprogram.  Call 718-434-7878 for more info.

February 17, 2017

2017 Lebanon Valley Expo Center

Location: Lebanon Valley Expo Center
80 Rocherty Road, Lebanon, PA 17042

February 17: 8am – 8pm
February 18: 8am – 5pm

Single Day Pass: $7.00
Double Day Pass: $10.00
Free for kids under 12 and active military
Free Parking

The Lebanon Valley Tractor Expo features all brands of farm tractors, garden tractors, stationary engines and educational seminars led by experienced industry collectors.  Eppy’s is now sponsoring this great event.  Stop by this weekend!


November 1, 2016


When is the largest and most anticipated U.S. Automotive Show?

The answer is November 1, 2, 3, and 4 in LAS VEGAS, NEVADA at the AAPEX and SEMA show.

If you have a few days to spend here the experience is unbelievable. You will be overwhelmed by the incredible show exhibits.

Eppy’s staff travels to the show every year to meet our current vendors such as SK Hand Tool, Lincoln, Ez Red, Lisle, Omega, Hein-Werner, Save Phace, and many more. We also search for new and exciting products that are being introduced into the market and showcase them at our Eppy’s NY and NJ store. This year there are new tools being offered by the manufacturers mentioned above along with CTA, Lang Tools, Titan, and Mayhew Tools, just to mention a few.

Believe it or not next week the entire automotive industry travels to Las Vegas for its annual trade show. This is not some small local trade show or the Auto Car Show at the Javits Center in New York. This is an industry wide show that takes up more convention space and meeting rooms than any other convention or show launched in Las Vegas. It is a combination of two unique auto shows.

Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX) is the premier global event representing the $356 billion global aftermarket auto care industry. AAPEX 2016 will feature over 2,200 automotive aftermarket manufacturers and suppliers showcasing innovative products, services, and technologies.

The second show in town is Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) and encompasses anything automotive related. The SEMA show has over 2,350 exhibitors and also features over 1,500 custom built vehicles on display. Here you can see it all! The latest and greatest the automotive aftermarket has to offer.

To view more AAPEX info, click here. www.aapexshow.com

To view more SEMA info, click here. www.semashow.com

For all car enthusiasts, if you can’t make it this year, it is a trip to plan for next year.

November 1, 2016

2016 AAPEX – Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo


Sands Expo Center, Las Vegas, Nevada



November 1 – 3, 2016